It's about the future

It's About The Future is a collaborative project by artist Trent Miller and poet J.L. Conrad. The project will put yard signs with phrases like “If not this, then what?” and “meanwhile, the toast is getting cold.” in public spaces. The signs could be read as inspirational to some people and as unsettling for someone else in different circumstances. Either way, the physical sign could be interpreted as a “sign” for that person in their life. One could also say the sign is the sign.

Yard signs will be passed out for free in Madison, Wi while supplies last. Extra signs will be available for purchase for the cost of the sign + shipping once the project has started. If you would like a sign please email Trent Miller at trentmiller49 (at)

It's About The Future is funded by a grant from The Madison Arts Commission and will appear in the Spring of 2018.