ABOUT Ask the oracle

Ask The Oracle is and ongoing collaborative project with artist Trent Miller, poet Andy Gricevich and an ever rotating cast of oracular beings. Multiple iterations of the project have existed and continue to exist. If you would like to ask The Oracle a question you can do so HERE.


past oracle appearances

BOOKLESS: For the 2012 BOOKLESS event seekers would write questions on old library card catalog cards and hand them to a greeter. The greeter would place the question in a pneumatic tube and send it down into a basement area where The Oracle was waiting to answer questions. The Oracle would answer the questions and send them back up using the pneumatic tube system. 

STACKED: For the 2013 STACKED event The Oracles were wandering out and about in the new library. They would ask people questions and give them answers on the spot. There was also an active twitter oracle and email oracle. 

MUNICIPAL: For 2017 MUNICIPAL event there were greeters to take seeker's questions at an old post office desk. Once the greeters received the questions from the public they would pass them to a runner who would go back behind to a vault (The Omphalos) to deliver the questions to The Oracles. The Oracles would answer the questions and send them back with the runners to the post office desk to hand the answers back to the seekers..